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CFP Board Completion Submission Fee


$195 Enroll

Full program description

Starting in 2023, the CFP Board will charge a $195 Per Capita Fee for every student reported by the school through the education verification system. Registered programs are required to submit completion of the coursework requirement through their  education verification system for any student who has successfully completed the full registered program through their institution. This is a pass through fee which the University will collect and pay to the CFP Board.

The $195 Per Capita Fee will be charged to all students who are completing the program. This fee will be added to the Capstone (EXE FP700) course invoice. The fee must be paid before the University can submit your coursework requirement to the CFP Board. 

Exceptions: Students will not be charged the Per Capita Fee when:

  • Student complete only the Capstone course. Students must self-report to CFP Board.
  • Students who attend multiple registered programs must self-report course completion certificates/transcripts to the CFP Board.